How to Stop "Yo-Yo" Dieting

We’ve all heard the saying, “everything is good in moderation”. It is so easy to know there is a special event in one month you want to be ready for, and suddenly you drop 10 pounds! Then after the event, it all comes back. This is called “yo-yo dieting” and can really impact your health negatively. Not to mention, it's exhausting.

Yo-yo dieting can cause a slowdown in your metabolism, lack of energy, dehydration, and add the possibility of leading to an eating disorder. So how do you stop dieting and start living? Here are my tips and tricks to becoming a healthier you…for GOOD!

1. Keep your fridge stocked and organized.

Having options and foods to actually cook with makes a huge difference when it comes to eating healthier. If you only have some celery and a bottle of ketchup in your fridge, I have a feeling ordering pizza for dinner would be the go to choice. Keep your fridge stocked with vegetables, lean meats and fruits you can throw together to make an amazingly tasty meal! Always keep you’re your pantry full of healthy protein balls, nuts, trail mix and some healthier sweet treats (dark chocolate is my favorite!). This way you avoid the candy at the gas station down the street.

2. Eat colorfully!

I have talked to a lotttt of people about eating healthy and it amazes me the limits they put on healthy foods! Most think eating healthy means an iceberg lettuce salad with tomatoes and raw broccoli. Yuck. I love vegetables but I don’t love them if they are served in a boring way! I incorporate all kinds of vegetables and fruits in my diet to keep it interesting. Last week I just bought dragonfruit to put in my smoothies because I was tired of acai packets. Game changer. I also switched up my vegetable choice for hummus from broccoli to jicama and sugar snap peas! Find the produce that is in season and keep testing your taste buds. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed (or bored).

3. Substitute your favorite “not so healthy” choices for better options!

I LOVE pizza. And tacos. And pastaaaa omg. I also still eat all of those things. I have my Cali’Flour crust pizza I bake at home, my jicama or romaine chicken tacos, and my Banza chickpea noodles (trust me you cannot tell a difference). I never measure my food and never need to because I know what I am eating is clean and nourishing. I love food and spices and good tasting meals, so why take that away to eat some boring “low calorie” salad which leaves me dissatisfied? There is a substitution for EVERY not so healthy meal choice. Trust me. Just learn how to cut out the bad stuff and replace…then eat up!

4. Eat throughout the day!

Yes, you don’t have to skip meals to save the calories! Eating throughout the day helps boost your metabolism and fight cravings. It keeps your blood sugar at a stable rate and prevents low energy levels…which then lead to cravings and feeling like you’re so hungry you’re going to die so you order 10 tacos from Taco Bell and eat them so fast you don’t know what happened then you feel tired and sick and like you want to just die. Yeah don’t do that. Keep apples and peanut butter, nuts, dried fruit, protein balls, veggie chips, etc. on you always. And please please please do not skip breakfast and/or lunch. This is key advice because when dinner time comes around, you will have no mercy on yourself.

5. Workout because you love to!

So getting a regular 3-5 days/week routine at the gym may seem nearly impossible to most. But from personal experience, I tell you it becomes fun!! You will start looking forward to moving your body and hitting the gym, classes, hiking, etc. I know you’re looking at your screen with an “I don’t believe you” face, but it’s true. The first 3-5 days getting back in the gym are tough and you will feel defeated, but KEEP GOING. Fitness will become a part of your routine and you will not want to live without it! Remember, your body is like a machine and needs to be fueled properly and stay in motion!

6. Keep challenging and motivating yourself.

When you start seeing and feeling progress, you should remember to keep going! A common mishap with progress is that some tend to lighten up on their diet/fitness routine and all the sudden are back to where they started. Keep making small challenges for yourself in the short term, and big ones for the future!A few examples: Upping your weights by a few pounds, increasing your distance from a half- mile to one mile, running in a 5k, running in a 10k, stop eating at 7 pm instead of 8 pm, taking a new class, have a gym buddy plan a workout, buy jeans a size too small and plan to fit in them within a month or two, do 10 burpees when you wake up and keep adding one on each day, and so on! Just remember why you started this fitness journey in the first place.

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